Updated with a brand-new look and feel, and features on the future of healthcare and the modern workforce. Plus, more than 400 comprehensive job descriptions, tips, advice and guidance for finding the right career path.

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The Good Careers Guide is a comprehensive resource for students and jobseekers commencing their career journey.
It features more than 400 job descriptions, information about the world of work and how to find employment, plus special features every year, with the 2018 edition focussing on healthcare and the modern workforce.
The Good Careers Guide is available as a print guide, website and e-book.


The Good Careers Guide

The Good Careers Guide 2018 provides insight into more than 400 occupations and their training requirements. It prepares people for the world of work and allows them to explore careers that match their skills and interests.


The GCG e-book

The Good Careers Guide e-book is free and provides the same in-depth information as the printed edition. Browser-based, it enables anyone with an internet connection to look at the complete guide, all from their smartphone, tablet or computer.


The GCG website

goodcareersguide.com.au is the ultimate destination for career information. Navigate the world of work by exploring occupations, institutions and courses, then submit enquiries directly to the providers of interest. It also features an aptitude test to help get the career journey started.


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Do you have a career in mind, but don’t know the education you'll need? Our career ladders provide the level of training required for a range of jobs and occupations to help you get into your dream career.

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